Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Older Daddy Came Inside Me

I had a few drinks tonight and had a good buzz and was horny for a cock to be inside me so i went onto CL and found a daddy that wants to give me his load. He was hot nice 5'9 165lbs fit tone aussie daddy. He had a nice 7" uncut cock.I told him come on over as my ass will be lube and ready. When he arrived we did not chit chat and got onto doing our business.

I came in and immediatly force his uncut cock in my mouth. He pushed so far back that i had gagged on it but he didnt care. i sucked and sucked and got it all wet while he had two fingers in my ass stretching i out for his cock. When he got ready to fuck me he told me to get on all four. I got on all fours and ass up and face down. He put the head of his cock on my tip of my ass and slowly entered my ass. I moaned and moaned as it felt good inside of me. He slowly begins to pump. I tell him to fuck me harder. When i said that he got excited and started to pump me faster. The faster he fucked me the louder the moan got. after mintutes of that position he told me to control the cock and he laid back and i rode like riding a pony. I would bounce up and down and then he would pump me and it repeated. He could no longer hold so he told me he wanted to shoot his cum inside me and he shot massive load inside. While cumming he kept pumping me slower and slower and i can feel the cum dripping out...

I got off and he cleaned himself off and took off.. That was one great fuck....hope to see him again..

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