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Servicing a Business Man

I met a business man while working couple days ago. Straight looking, Muscular build, 6'1 dirty Blonde Hair, Blue eyes.  When he walked in I notice him looking at me. I thought he needed something so I walk over and ask if he needed help. He asked me if he can do a to go order and told him to follow me to the desk so I can take his order. We walked over to the counter and I can tell he was checking me out. I saw it in his eyes when he first walked in. I placed his order and then he asked me where the restroom was. I told him just around the corner and to the back. He said thanks and gave me the eye which I knew what that meant. He went in there first and couple minutes after I go in and lock the door behind me. There he was pretending he was using the stall and when he turned around his cock was hanging out of his pants hard as a rock. I went straight to him and placed my lips on his. He didn't pull back so he likes it. He was groping my ass while I was stroking his cock.

He asked me if I wanted to go to his hotel room after I get off work and I told him I will be there in a few hours. We both left the bathroom and I went back to work. Couple hours later I closed up shop and headed over to the hotel. I buzzed his room and he said come on up. I was a bit nervous but I was super horny and need my ass pounded and bred. I hopped on the elevator and went to the 5th floor. I got to his door, took a deep breath and knocked on his door. He open his door with nothing on but a jockstrap. Closed the door behind me and we started kissing. His tongue in my mouth. Our hands groping each other. He pinned me to the wall and turn me around and pull my pants down and ate my ass. His tongue felt so good inside my hole. I almost came a couple times but I had to hold it. He put his tongue all the way in and then all the out. Teased it, licked it and made it wet and ready for his cock. He rub his cock against it and kissed my neck. He then took my hand and directed me to his bed. I got on all fours and put my ass up in the air. He placed his tongue one more time to get it ready for his cock. I heard the lube bottle open and he put some on his cock and some on my ass. He placed one finger and then two...

Suddenly the I felt the head of his cock pushing inside my hole. It felt so good. He pushed it all the way inside and then just pounded my ass. He sure knows how to please a hole. I turned over and put my legs up in the air and he inserted his cock inside. He pounded me so hard I almost came. I moaned and moaned and pretty sure that his neighbor must of heard of us. Couple times he would cover my mouth with his hands. Then he layed on his back and told me to ride his cock. I bounced up and down on that cock and he was playing with my nipples. The bed was squeaking and headboard hitting the wall. We ended up on me laying on the side and he fucked me that way. In and out his cock went inside my hole. He moan and told me he wanted to cum inside my hole. My hole was so wet from his precum and lube combined. I felt his cock is about to explode so I told him to fuck me harder and harder. Not long before that he let out a loud moan and he shot his big massive load inside my hole. Even after he came he kept fucking me and cum was dripping out my of hole. We both laid there with his cock in my hole and then he slowly pulled it out. I guess my service was good.

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Servicing Older Men

I love servicing older men. They know what they want and like.

Hot Cops

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope this weekend everyone gets to have lots of sex.....


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Sweaty Sex with my new FB

I met a new FB online name Paul. He is fucking hot with a nice COCK. He sure knows to fuck. We had a sweaty fuck because it was 90 degrees outside and super hot in his condo....He started out finger banging my hole with one and then lead to two fingers. Trying to open my hole to get ready for his big cock to go inside me. He lifted my legs up and buried his tongue in there and then would stick his fingers in and pull out and then eat my ass again........

My hole was wet and ready....I got on all fours and with one thrust he stuck his cock all the way in. I can feel it inside me. He grab both of my hips and started to thrust me. In and out he went in my hole. The more he thrust the sweater he got. Dripping from his body onto mine. My hole was so wet you can here his cock going in and out and show balls against my hole. He kept pounding me until he stopped before he almost came. Pulled his cock out turned me over and the put me on the side and he enter my hole...now we both are sweating hard...he kept holding my hips and kept fucking me. Lifted one of my legs up. I moaned and moaned... He also was talking dirty to me which makes me even more horny. He kept saying your hole is nice and I am going to fuck you for a long time and cum in your hole.... And he did... After that while his cock was still in my hole he push over onto my stomach and kept fuck me there. I can feel his precum leaking out while his cock was in and out of my hole. He told me he is going to cum because this was his favorite position....... Not long after that he shot his big load in my hole.....After he pulled out cum was leaking out of my hole..... After I got up from his bed, the sheets was soak and wet.....can't wait to fuck him again....

Group Orgy

Breeding time

Construction Workers

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!
One of Favorite Videos I want to share with you

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Get fucked at rest stop area

Taking his long dong up his butt powered by YouPorn.

Who loves Daddy Cock?

Most of the daddies that I have gotten fucked by sure knows how to work it.

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Looking to get my ass pounded today and hopefully I can get a good shot today......

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Happy Friday to everyone.

Happy Friday to everyone. Hope you enjoy these hot videos and the men in them. Please comment and let me know what else you want to hear and see.

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